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Climber Screen
Step Screen
Chain Screen
Spiral Conveyor
Twin Shaft Mixer
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Spiral conveyor

Spiral conveyor -
to transport solid materials and bulk material

Spiral Conveyors have been used with great success as conveyor systems in local clarification plants and in a variety of different industrial plants. They stand out for robustness, reliability, no clogging, quiet running, minor maintenance requirements and for the universal application range.

Mud and waste materials often content interference factors, which cause working interruptions and unnecessary high costs with conventional screw conveyors or conveyor belts.

This can be largely excluded by use of an individually purposed spiral conveyor system. Dust, smell and moisture emissions will be prevented also.

The sucietto spiral conveyor is available in different versions, for example also as closed system. Additionally, the conveying material can get washed out, dried, chilled and heated during the conveying process.


The resistant shaftless steel spiral rotates slowly in an U-channel or in a tube.

Technical Data:

Min. profile strength of the spiral conveyor (mm)
35 x 15
Max. profile strength of the spiral conveyor (mm)
100 x 30
Haulway (m)
> 40
Gradient angle (in °)


Advantages of the sucietto–Spiral Conveyor:

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