Screw Wash Press

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Screw Wash Press

Wash Press

Screw Wash Press -
for use in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants

ScrewWashPressThe Sucietto screw wash press is assigned for draining and pressing (to consolidate) screening or other damp (wet) waste materials. These are thrown off directly the rake or brought a conveyor or an auger into the Einfülltrichter. The worm shaft promotes, drained and consolidates the waste materials. The water pressed out thereby is led back by means of a catch pan to the sewer. The worm extruder is manufactured from a sturdy structural steelwork. The snail wings are welded on from verschleißfestem material on the worm shaft. Drive of the worm extruder is made by a closed SEW Flachgetriebemotor. The worm extruder with integrated wash device (type SPW) was developed further from a worm extruder (type FR). The Fäkalien is replaced and out-washed in the compression zone of the worm extruder, in which a wash board friction procedure takes place. Hair, fibrous materials etc., which lead in the following plants to operational disturbances and Verzopfungen, remains in the screening. The wash press converts the load changes when sudden full admission faster than a conventional worm extruder. It compensates accumulations in the bellmouth without arching. The additional energy expenditure exists only in the supply of operating water. To consider it is that the worm extruder in a heated area is set up, so that this is protected before frost in the winter. An isolation and a heating of the discharge pipe are recommendable with unprotected plants. A direct sun exposure in the summer, particularly the screening container, leads to a strong smelling nuisance. A closed building is in the summer as also in the winter of advantage. The area of application of the worm extruders worked satisfactorily for years within the following ranges: Purification plants, waste water range, pumping stations Paper industry Food branches (e.g. breweries).

Technical Data:

Type 1
Type 2
Type 3
Screw diameter (mm)

Throughput (m³/h)

up to 2
up to 4
up to 10
Drainage factor of up to
50 %
50 %
> 50 %
Washout of faeces more than
95 %
95 %
95 %
Volume reduction
60-80 %
60-80 %
60-80 %
Weight reduction
60-80 %
60-80 %
60-80 %


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