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Climber Screen

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Climber Screen
Step Screen
Chain Screen
Spiral Conveyor
Twin Shaft Mixer
Screw Wash Press

Chain Screen

Chain screen

The cleaning elements, attached to the chain system, can easily be adjusted to different requirements. These elements can be conventional rakes, or brushes, or plastic wipers. As the cleaning elements are changeable, the screenings discharge capacity is then adjustable. This is especially favourable for high solids loads. The cleaning elements, consisting of the rake and comb plate, are screwed and thus independently replaceable.


The main components of the Chain Screen are two drive chains with one or more cleaning elements, chain wheels on the drive shaft and the lower deflection unit, a guiding on each side, a drive unit with overload protection, an apron with chute and a bar screen. The complete unit can be installed in the civil structure without need of recesses, thus reducing the costs for new buildings and allowing easy retrofitting into existing civil structures.

Technical Data:

Max. channel width
4 m
Channel depth up to
20 m
70° - 80°
Min. slot width
6 mm
Max. slot width
150 mm


Advantages of the sucietto–ChainScreen:

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